RemaDays Kyiv 2021 — OPEN TO THE NEW

The upcoming edition of the trade fair will certainly be unique. The first half of the year was difficult for each of us and forced us to modify many of our plans. This time showed that we have to be prepared for challenges. This is why it is worth opening to the new things to come, to what the future will bring. According to several years of tradition, the international advertising and printing trade fair RemaDays Kyiv 2021 will be held at the International Centre IEC EXPO in Kyiv.

The coronavirus pandemic has also had an impact on companies from the advertising and printing industry as well as on the organization of trade fair events. However, we are rolling up our sleeves and doing our best to be well-prepared for the next edition of RemaDays Kyiv trade fair. We will meet all sanitary standards, so that both exhibitors and visitors feel safe and comfortable. We keep a keen eye on the situation in the country and around the world, and check announcements of relevant institutions on an ongoing basis. We are prepared for the organization of one of the largest advertising and printing trade fairs in 2021. We want to support the industry in these difficult times and we can ensure that, despite various restrictions, the trade fair offer will be of the highest quality.

The next edition will be held under the slogan OPEN TO THE NEW. It coincided with a general pandemic situation. The trade fairs organized after this extremely difficult time will be different. Many companies had to change their plans, switched to remote work, introduced a completely new offer and made changes to facilitate adaptation to the new reality. Therefore, the upcoming edition of RemaDays Kyiv will be an opportunity to present completely new ideas and open up to challenges in the coming months. We also focus on creativity, which is indispensable in the advertising industry. Each year, the exhibitors try to meet the high expectations of visitors and at the beginning of next year, everyone will certainly be satisfied once again. The reality has shown that even in difficult moments, the industry is doing well and is searching for new, creative solutions. Therefore, during RemaDays Warsaw 2021, we are open to new products and ideas of people from the industry. We hope that all participants of the event will show their creativity.

It becomes clear that the trade fair will arouse great interest in the entire industry. After all, it the place to get acquainted with products that are absolutely unmatched around the world. It is at RemaDays Kyiv that we can learn about the latest production technologies related to broadly understood advertising.

The promotion of the trade fair continues, we are doing our best, so that we can meet with the entire advertising and printing industry in March 2021 and to find out how to respond to the challenges of the changing market with openness and creativity. Let’s meet at RemaDays Kyiv 2021!