A state-of-the-art exhibition centre IEC-EXPO was the venue of this year’s great show, attended by nearly 100 exhibitors. The latest achievements of the manufacturers, importers, and distributors of products and advertising services were demonstrated to the crowds of professionals in the advertising and printing industry.

The capital of Ukraine has hosted professionals in the advertising products industry for the 8th time. Like last year, the most innovative solutions and new offerings have been demonstrated within several divisions – Out&InDoorSystems, GiftsWorld, TechnologyPark, PrintShow, PhotoCreation, InternetSolution, EventShow, TextileZone, and School&Office Room. No wonder that the two ordinary April days have turned into an extraordinary celebration.

Several companies have marked their special presence thanks to their innovative products and services which have caused tremendous interests among the visitors. The winners in the Crowns of Advertising contest were announced at the opening of the show. The statuettes were officially presented during a glamorous formal dinner in as many as five categories: The Manufacturer of Promotional Merchandise, The Importer of Promotional Merchandise, Out&InDoorSystems, Technology, and PrintShow.

Like in previous years, the winners of the ‘Gift of the Year’ contest have been announced on the second day of RemaDays Kiev 2017. The prizes have again been awarded in five categories. The winners have been chosen by the visitors who could vote for the best gadgets in various price ranges. The Kiev show has also proved exciting for the visitors themselves. In our very own ‘Visitors Lottery’ the prize was a SPARK scooter. The keys have been presented to the happy winner by the organizer.

The Advertising and Printing Show in Kiev was not only a chance to look at the latest solutions and offerings but also expand one’s knowledge about how to be a more efficient and competitive market player. Within the two days, both the exhibitors and the visitors could attend the RemaCongressseminars and presentations. A highly specialised series of lectures was made possible thanks to the main media partner of RemaDays Kiev, the Association of Manufacturers and Importers of Promotional Gifts Ukraine AVIRSU. The show has ended but new business contacts, newly gained knowledge and a unique atmosphere of this event will last for long.

See you again in 2018.