SHNUROK company is a partner of the RemaDays Kyiv 2020 exhibition. Logobands used by the organizer are provided by this company.

TM “SHNUROK” offers high-quality souvenir products and a variety of options for the successful achievement of various projects.

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Karbon LTD

Carbon-Service Printing House has gained popularity in the market as a company that provides industrial digital printing services and produces a wide range of advertising and printing products (business cards, calendars, booklets, postcards, etc.) and multi-page products (brochures, books, magazines) , catalogs and presentations in small and medium editions) for advertising agencies and intermediaries.

Our printing house has the largest park of digital printing equipment in Ukraine and high-quality post-printing equipment. This allows us to perform all the tasks required by our customers.

We also provide services of offset digital printing in B2 format (calendars, posters, posters, postcards, etc.) and UV printing on various materials.

By investing in UV equipment and a unique machine for digital finishing of MGI JETVARNISH 3DS & iFOIL-S products (the first in Ukraine), we have strengthened our own status as a multidisciplinary printing company and are ready to offer operational production services:

unique advertising and printing products;
publishing polygraphy (books and magazines) and multi-page products;
promotional and business souvenirs;
packing in small editions.

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Паперовий еко світ

Компанія ПП “Паперовий еко світ”є постачальником і виробником паперових пакетів для рекламних цілей

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LPP Printable

LPP Printable is a partner of this year’s RemaDays Kyiv.

LPP Printable is a manufacturer of promotional clothing that has been in business since 1998. The offering consists of four brands: PROMOSTARS, GEFFER, CRIMSON CUT and MARK THE HELPER. The collection consists of a wide selection of T-shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts, fleeces, jackets and caps. Currently, it is about 200 products that can be used not only as promotional clothing, but also as workwear and protective clothing.

The company’s mission is to meet the needs of corporate and individual customers in the field of advertising and work clothing, building lasting relationships with customers, efficient delivery of finished products, without decoration or with a ready logo, in accordance with the motto “We dress your advertising.”

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Друкарня ВОЛЬФ

Друкарня ВОЛЬФ виконує весь комплекс поліграфічних процесів, необхідних для того, що б ідея клієнта знайшла втілення у вигляді барвистою поліграфічної продукції. Будучи безпосереднім виробником, ми пропонуємо якісне та швидке виконання робіт.

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