Additional forms of promotion

Feel free to use additional forms of promotion, which will strengthen presence of your company at the trade show.


The Industry Navigator “Ukraina Reklamowa” (“Advertising Ukraine”) is a combination of press advertising and a handy database. The ability to search for companies by category of business and keywords allows you to use the tool throughout the whole year.

  • the advertisement reaches each trade fair visitor immediately upon Registration
  • the catalogue stays with the visitors after the fair
  • the electronic version allows you to use the catalogue all year round.
Type of advert EUR netto
II, III, IV cover – А5 237
1/2 II, III, IV cover – А5 142
1/1 А5 117
1/2 A5 62
catalog entry * 21
logo with a brand name in the advertisers list 9

* free for exhibitors

1/1 page  (148 x 210 mm + 3 mm spad)
1/2 page  (148 x 105 mm + 3 mm spad)

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Reach out to the visitors of the RemaDays – directly! Prepare leaflets and hire hostesses to distribute it to the visitors at the trade fair.

  • promote yourself during the 3 most intense days in the marketer’s calendar,
  • reach out to with your message directly to thousands of recipients in the industry,
  • minimize the costs of your advertising,
  • you reach out to every visitor to the RemaDays,
  • can take advantage of this opportunity even if you are not an exhibitor at the RemaDays!

Prize: 116 eur  (one person) – (for exhibitors 60 eur)


Do you have knowledge, an interesting idea, want to share your experience or show the possibilities of your product to a wider audience? Order the talk at the RemaDays fair.

  • get the chance to present yourself in a fully equipped, comfortable conference room
  • have the opportunity to reach out to a large audience in a short amount of time
  • prepare the subject for 45 minutes and we will deal with the rest

Price  41 eur/ 1 hour (including screen, projector, microphone, column)


You are unable to be present at the RemaDays but you value convenience and high level of service and want to reach out to all the RemaDays visitors? Prepare inserts in the RemaDays bag – of any shape up to 150 g in weight – and we’ll take care of everything else!

  • increase your visibility during the 3 most intense days in the marketer’s calendar – and all that “without leaving home”,
  • gain access to thousands of customers from the industry,
  • minimize the costs of your advertising,
  • you reach out to every visitor to the RemaDays,
  • remind them of yourself also after the trade fair – the guests take the bag home

Prize: 0.12 EUR – one piece (tо 150 gram)


Place your rollup or other form of INDOOR/OUTDOOR advertising in the RemaDays exhibition hall!

  • visitors see your advertisement,
  • you help the visitor find your booth,
  • you draw the attention of the visitor